Don’t just stop at home renovations. With a garden flipper, you can turn an old lot into a beautiful garden with a modern home and an abundance of plants. The simulator allows you to radically change the old location, turn all design plans into reality, and become the owner of the most beautiful site in the city.

Where to begin?

First of all, it is necessary to put the site in order. To do this, you must eliminate grass, weeds, and shrubs. The garden flipper has all the equipment you might need.

You can begin to improve when no extra plants are left in the yard. You can plant your favorite flowers, make a flower bed, put statues or a fountain. Lanterns will help illuminate all corners of the garden and make the garden safe even in the dark. Don’t forget the fence. It will save the site from unwanted guests and wild animals.

In a garden flipper, you can plant ornamental or fruit plants. Create the garden of your dreams that will be your pride. All seeds and tools are in the store. Just select the desired option and place it on the site.

When improving the garden, do not forget to control the level of productivity. If energy is low, you should rest. To do this, you need to get some sleep or have fun. Therefore, you should create a bedroom with a comfortable bed, a relaxation area with a swing, a soft sofa, and an armchair. Thus, you can quickly restore your energy reserve and return to the game.

What you need to know about garden flipper

The game has a level system. The better you garden, the higher your level. You will get more points and unlock access to new items. You can obtain points for improving the garden and home.

To maintain order on the site, do not forget to take out the garbage regularly. In the inventory, there is a rake that you need for cleaning. Remember that the car takes out the trash at noon, so you need to hurry. For cleaning, you will get a decent amount of points. Constantly monitor the pollution scale to keep the site in order and increase the game rating.

Garden Flipper

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