Do you think it would be cool to become the boss of your own construction company? In Builder Simulator, you gotta manage everything from building massive skyscrapers to fixing up little old lady’s homes. Sounds intriguing? Then let’s start playing!

Become a pro at building!

First off, you have to hire your crew. But you can’t just pick any old Joe off the street. You need to find workers who are skilled and know how to handle the job. Once you got your squad assembled, it’s time to get to work. You have to make sure everyone’s doing their job and not slacking off. Take on all kinds of projects, starting with easy ones and gradually making your way to more sophisticated and challenging buildings. In a little while, you’ll be creating real architectural masterpieces! Improve your equipment, learn all the intricacies of your new profession and
let’s get building!

Builder Simulator

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