This hotel is a total mess! Who would even want to stay here? You need to take care of this place, urgently! So grab your tools, sharpen your sense of aesthetics and prepare for a grand-scale renovation project. This is going to be fascinating!

Turn this hole into an eye candy!

Basically, in Hotel Renovator you’ll have to breath a new life into the place and make it look all fancy and schmancy. The game starts off with a run-down, dilapidated hotel that needs some serious TLC. The carpets are stained, the walls are peeling, and the furniture looks like it’s been there since the 1970s. But don’t fret, because you’ve got the skills and the tools to make this place shine! You’ll need to use your creativity and design skills to come up with a plan for each room. You’ll choose everything from the wallpaper and the flooring to the furniture and the decor.

Hotel Renovator

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