Love to renovate and modify houses? Then, you will like House flipper. It is a renovation simulator in which you need to upgrade your home to increase its value. You already have all the tools and materials, so let’s get started!

What you need to know about the game House flipper

In House flipper, you will act as a contractor who has started his own home renovation business. Fortunately, you have a faithful assistant, Robert, ready to help implement even the most original ideas. By the way, Robert will conduct training and teach you how to make chic repairs even in the most terrible old house. Don’t miss this moment. You will learn how to manage tools and learn the essential characteristics of equipment and materials. Thus, it will be easier and faster to make repairs. After that, you can start.

It is worth noting that you will start with elementary things. It can be garbage collection, window washing, or minimal repairs. Further, the tasks will increase. You will have to demolish walls, lay tiles and wallpaper, and do other maintenance. The peculiarity of the game is that you can switch between tasks. If something doesn’t work out for you, go to another room.

House flipper allows you to realize the most daring design fantasies. You can access many tools, materials, furniture, appliances, and other little things. Create a unique interior, add original accessories, and modern appliances. It will help you get the best score for your work.

The game is straightforward to manage. Use the cursor to control items. Just point at the thing, read the task, and complete it.

Tips for newcomers to House flipper

A repair simulator is a great option to relax and unwind. The game will bring maximum pleasure if you use these tips:

  • read the task carefully;
  • thoroughly explore all rooms;
  • watch the money;
  • improve tools regularly;
  • develop.

First, you’ll start by doing custom repairs. On the one hand, it isn’t exciting. But such activity will allow you to earn a decent sum. Read carefully and follow the instructions. If the client wants a green ceiling, make him a green top. If there are unclear instructions, pay attention to the points the customer does not like. This way you will get good pay and generous tips.

When you have enough money, you can expand. Look at the city map; there are old houses for sale. You can buy them, remake them in your way and sell them. It is precisely the case when you can give free rein to imagination and creativity. Develop your workshop to make the best repairs in the city.

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