House Pusher is a furniture-themed puzzle game. Move furniture, earn points, and equip your home. The game is as simple as possible and perfect for a pleasant and fun time. Don’t think it will always be this easy. The task becomes more complex with each level, and obstacles and extra alimony appear. Please don’t give up and try to put things in their place.

What’s unique about the game?

You will need to control a pixel man who moves furniture. To proceed, press the arrow and place the item in the white square. The gameplay is accompanied by cheerful music, which makes House Pusher even more fun. You will enjoy the pixel graphics and simple gameplay.

When all items are in place, you will see the complete furnishings of the room. Afterward, go to the next room and put things in order there. And remember that no barrier will prevent you from putting the chair in its place!

House Pusher

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