Construct House 3d is a simple game where you can build a house. It is a great simulator that has all the necessary items and elements. You can create a classic housing or make an original castle. Don’t hide your talents; everything is possible in this game!

An essential rule of the game is to use only straight lines. At first, everything seems quite simple and primitive. But when you put in many items, the task becomes more difficult.

What is fun about building a house?

The game is so simple that even an inexperienced gamer can quickly figure it out. Just select the desired item and place it in a specific place. Be sure to follow the sequence. Otherwise, the house will fall apart. Or you will not be able to put an essential element.

Use the brush to change the color of the walls, floor, and ceiling. Try different tools and paints. The brighter the design, the better.

Construct House 3D

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