Imagine being in charge of your own little cafe, where you get to serve hot, steamy cups of coffee to all the thirsty customers out there. But it’s not just about the coffee, oh no. You gotta manage everything from the music playing in the background to the temperature of the air conditioning!

Best cafe in the neighborhood? Easy!

As a cafe owner, you have to deal with all sorts of unexpected situations. Like the time a swarm of bees decided to make your outdoor seating area their new home, or when a customer accidentally spilled their entire tray of food all over the floor. And let’s not forget about the customers. They can be a handful, but you gotta keep them happy if you wanna keep that cash flowing in. And you need that money if you want to customize your cafe to your heart’s desire. Want to add a disco ball and some neon lights? Or put up pictures of your pet cat all over the walls? Why not! Let’s go!

Cafe Owner Simulator

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