House flipper is a renovation simulator. At first glance, the game seems rather dull. It is a rather exciting process that will allow you to show all your design talents.

The essence of the game is as simple as possible — to repair the house to sell it for the highest possible price. All actions must be performed gradually. Thanks to this, you will not miss a single stage and will be sure of the quality of your work. The better the repair is done, the more money you can get for the house.

You can also buy an old building and restore it. In this case, be prepared for various surprises: the picture may hide a hole in the wall, or you will find a family of cockroaches in the kitchen. You will have to work hard to make the building appear presentable and stylish.

Why you should play House flipper?

House flipper is a game where you can bring all your design ideas to life. There are no restrictions on the choice of materials, colors, techniques, and equipment. At each stage, the game will present you with available options that you can use. Over time, you will be able to buy new materials and items. But for this, you have to work hard and earn money.

The inventory contains all the necessary tools for repairs. The game will tell you the best way to perform the required work. It makes it easy to dismantle the walls, remove old wallpaper, apply putty and perform other actions.

The game definitely won’t let you get bored. You need to think over the room’s interior and pick up furniture and appliances. It is excellent entertainment for those who want to relax after a hard day’s work and have a good time.

Do not forget that before the sale of the house must be prepared. Wipe down windows, clean up construction debris, and add accessories. Thus, you will sell the house for the highest possible price. And for the proceeds, you can buy new materials, tools, and other items needed for repairs.

How to manage renovations in House flipper

All you need to play House flipper is a computer mouse. With the help of the cursor, you select the work area, indicate what to do, and carry out the work. Also, with the mouse, you need to select materials, equipment, and decorative elements. Just point at the item, indicate the place, and confirm it. Everything is as simple and fast as possible.

First, all House flipper players need to complete a tutorial. It is pretty straightforward and allows you to understand the gameplay’s features.

House Flipper

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