Are you a car enthusiast? Have you ever wanted to fix up a ride like a pro mechanic, but couldn’t quite get your hands dirty in the real world? Well, no more doubts, because Car Mechanic Simulator has got you covered!

Build a car of your dream!

This game is a wild ride that will take you on a journey through the world of car repair and customization. You’ll get to build your own garage and take on all kinds of jobs, from oil changes to full engine rebuilds. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as revving up a car you’ve just restored to its former glory! You can get as crazy and creative as you want with your customizations. Want to paint your car neon green and slap on some leopard print decals? You can have it! Want to install a rocket booster on your engine? Yes, sir! This game is all about letting your imagination run wild and creating the ultimate dream car. So let’s rev those engines and get to work!

Car Mechanic Simulator

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