Do you think you can manage a gas station? That’s not an easy job! If you’re curious about it and you’re not afraid of difficulties, let’s get started! There is a lot of work waiting for you in Gas Station Simulator!

Run the best gas station in town!

So, it’s a usual day at your gas station. You’ve got to keep the pumps stocked with gas and make sure your customers are happy. And mind that some of these customers are straight up bonkers. They’ll come in and demand the most random things, like a gallon of milk or a pack of cigarettes.

And that’s not all – there are also mini games! Like the one where you have to clean up a spill on the floor, and another where you have to play Whack-A-Mole to fix a broken pump. So get ready to get the hang of this new, challenging and fun profession! Just make sure to keep your gas tanks full and your customers happy, or you’ll be out of business in no time!

Gas Station Simulator

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