Wonder what it’s like to be a professional thief, breaking into all kinds of crazy places to steal valuable items and make a fortune? In Teardown, you can try your sticky hand at anything, from fancy mansions and high-security prisons to oil rigs and even a space station!

Steal, destroy and enjoy the thrill!

What sets Teardown apart from other games is the sheer amount of destruction you can cause. Blowing up buildings, crashing cars, setting entire cities on fire… The physics engine is off the charts. Everything feels so real, from the way objects break apart to the way they move and react to your actions. You can use explosives, sledgehammers, and vehicles to wreak havoc wherever you go. And there are no rules! Whether you want to take your time and plan out your heist or go in guns blazing and blow everything up, it all works! So let’s get started, have some fun and make some money!


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